I’ll start off by introducing and telling a bit about myself. My name is Jack, I’m originally from Pakistan but permanently residing in the Philippines. I’ve recently finished my undergraduate degree here in the city of Manila and right now I’m working in my family business of wholesaling and retailing dental instruments and supplies. I am a tech enthusiast, always trying to be up-to-date with the latest tech news and reviews with a keen interest in the mobile market. I also love watching hollywood movies (just not the horror ones), riding my bicycle, play a few video games (mostly Pokémon), and I love listening to The Beatles and The Killers.

As for why I’m starting this blog, well I’ll give a bit of background. I had never been much of a traveler and wasn’t really into adventure sports. All that changed when late last year I went on a group tour to Sagada with a friend and a lot of strangers. I tried spelunking (or cave diving as professionals like to call it) and boy was it an exhilarating experience, especially me being claustrophobic and having an extreme fear of heights.  After that something changed, something clicked inside me and I had turned from a regular couch potato to a thrill-seeking couch potato. So that’s basically how got into traveling and adventure sports. I’m still in the early stages and there is still a helluva lot more to explore…

So that is what you’ll find in this blog. I’ll write entries as I travel, sharing my experiences and adventures as I explore various tourist spots in and around the Philippines and hopefully beyond. I’ll also try to chip in with some tech and entertainment news which I find really interesting or have a comment to make about.

I would appreciate if readers point out any corrections, additional information and related articles as it would help me for future entries as well as fellow readers. As for how you can contact me or get updates other than from this blog, here’s my official Facebook page and Instagram account. You could reach me on my personal Twitter handle as well.

Cheers! (to me)

p.s. I think this travel blog would be a bit different than the tons of others online, which to be honest are really informative and helpful. The difference here would be perspective, as it would be a foreigner traveling around instead of a local, and though I’ve been here for over half a decade and am moderately versed in the local language, I can’t change my face (doesn’t look like a Filipino at all).

p.p.s. I’ve also started writing reviews on TripAdvisor so please go check them out as well. Give a thumbs up if you find them helpful.