Glamping: nurture wellness village 

I read an article on the internet about the Glamping (glamorous camping) experience. It’s basically a mix between a camping experience and a hotel room accommodation. You get to stay in a tent outdoor, but there are proper amenities provided.

I was always curious to try camping, but was never too sure if I’d be able to immediately adjust to living in the wild (even for a single night). So Glamping was a nice way to test out the waters, so to speak.

Nurture Wellness Village

I decided to check out glamping at the Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. Here are the important bits and freebies on offer as part of their Glamping experience:

  • 22 hour overnight stay at a camping tent
  • 30 minute outdoor foot or facial massage
  • Bonfire, BBQ dinner with rice, fruit platter and a cocktail
  • Arozcaldo brekafast with Kale juice
  • Common toilet and bathrooms (shampoo, soap and towels are provided)
  • PHP 3,190 per head (minimum of 2 pax)

The village offers various physical activities such as reflexology walk and different body massages and treatments to help relax and unwind from the busy day-to-day life.


A day in the life 

The location of the village is a bit secluded, but they do have sign boards for guidance (and it never hurts to ask the locals). There was an eerie silence once I got there akin to an abandoned site. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

Once inside I noticed that the village has a spacious parking area and the reception is right by the side. Upon entering, the staff offered a detailed description of the glamping experience as well as a cup of complimentary herbal tea. Also on offer was an upgrade to various and extensive full body massage packages instead of the free 30-minute foot or facial massage.

After checking in I decided to check out (no pun intended) the camping site. The tent itself was quite good, with windows on both sides and a two way zipper entrance. There was a big comfy mattress, pillows, blankets as well as bathroom amenities such as towels, soap and shampoo already inside. It also had an electrical lamp inside, and two sockets for charging your phone or other electronic devices.

I scheduled my free 30-minute outdoor facial massage during late afternoon. The masseuse dropped by the camping site right on time and led to the outdoor massage area. There was the soothing instrumental music playing, with a beautiful view of green fields ahead, the sun setting and the birds chirping. It was a calming and relaxing 30 minutes (bar the mosquitos).


After the massage I headed back to the tent and in a couple of hours it was already time for the BBQ dinner (they confirmed the dinner schedule during check in). The camping butlers set up the dinner table and the bonfire fairly quickly. They were courteous as well, organizing the bonfire and BBQ dinner based on my preference, and were always by the side for assistance or if help was required. They also shared tidbits about the village, about Glamping and the naming scheme of the camps and rooms.

The dinner itself was not bad which was served with their best selling cocktail. You could also buy a bowl of marshmallows from the cafe for a charge (the butlers will gladly get them for you) to enjoy the bonfire experience a bit more. Take note that there are a lot of mosquitos and bugs around so feel free to ask for the mosquito repellant from the cafe or reception (or ask one of the butlers).

The dinner was served on an outdoor candlelit table right next to the bonfire, whereas you’ll have to hit the cafe/restaurant for the breakfast meal which right next to the entrance lobby.

The breakfast meal as part of the Glamping experience was Arozcaldo and Kale juice. I enjoyed them both quite a bit. The taste was distinct and they had a nice set of toppings and add-ons for the Arozcaldo.

After the large dose of breakfast, I took a quick shower (the common toilets and shower rooms are generally clean), proceeded to gather my stuff from the camping site, ended my Glamping experience and headed back home to Manila.


The village experience

The atmosphere of the village was quite pleasant and relaxing. Secluded from the city life, with lush green grass all around, it’s good for a morning walk (or a night stroll) with your thoughts to keep you company. At the center of the grass banks is a small trampoline, a slide, swing and a couple of seats as well for kids to play and elders to relax. The common toilet and shower room is right behind it as well. There are dedicated brick walkways in the gardens taking you to various room locations. There are additional bonfire areas and sitting areas near the bottom as well.

Overall I was quite taken aback by the Glamping experience (mostly the camping part) and it gave me a sense of belief that I would be able to camp (on a mountain or campsite) in the wilderness.

I encourage fellow travelers curious about Glamping (or even camping in general) to give a thought about this package offered by Nurture Wellness Village. It’s a full and complete experience, and one that you won’t regret (except monetarily).

Happy Glamping!

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